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Modern education doesn't prepare kids for the real world

Wouldn’t it have been great if you learned financial literacy or entrepreneurship in school?

Maybe some basic tax knowledge, negotiation skills, or even public speaking.

Instead, you learned all about atoms and algebra.

But, the periodic table isn’t that helpful in our adult lives.

And the lack of real-world topics leaves us all woefully unprepared for our futures.

This failure has led to record-high wealth, achievement, and happiness inequality around the world.

That’s where Kidpreneurs comes in…

How 1 book started a global movement of youth empowerment, independent thinking, and financial literacy…

Our book, “Kidpreneurs- Young Entrepreneurs with BIG Ideas,” was created to empower our youth and prepare them for the future of entrepreneurship.

With over 200,000+ copies read by children all over the world, we are keeping the momentum going with NEW, cutting-edge programs that kids can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

Through these programs, we aim to impact over 1 million kids by 2025. 

But we need your help..

We've Already Inspired And Empowered 200,000 Kids Around The World...


Are you…

We’re looking to help passionate parents, teachers, and coaches who want to:

  • Create a steady income stream
  • Find personal fulfillment
  • Have fun!

Top benefits of becoming a Certified Educator:

Exclusive use of our award-winning content, teaching tools, and more! You’ll be able to start your own business and teach entrepreneurship to kids right in your community.
Access to our active community of international educators in ‘Educator Central’. Meet like-minded educators passionate about empowering kids through entrepreneurship.
Ongoing support with the Kidpreneurs team.
A listing in our educator directory and use of the ‘Certified Educator’ badge on your website. With over 10,000 monthly visitors to our website, we’re excited to feature you to parents who are looking for you to teach & inspire their kids!


That's $3285 Worth of FREE Bonuses!

How It Works

Start with our comprehensive Train the Trainer (TTT) course. This 1-month program will equip you with everything you need to know to be a successful Course Instructor.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just getting started, we’ve got you covered.

You'll learn:


If you’re interested in becoming the boss of a mission-driven business, learn more today. 


Thank you for stopping by and considering becoming a Kidpreneurs Certified Educator. We are Matthew and Adam Toren – brothers, best friends, and lifelong business partners.

We’ve spent years researching the best practices in modern business and teaching these techniques to others, while also establishing and maintaining our own steady stream of successful businesses.

Through the past 14 years, our family has grown to over 10 passionate and dedicated Kidpreneurs team members. They’re prepared to help guide you through this transformative journey to becoming a Certified Educator.

Nothing makes us happier than empowering other educators to contribute to our mission, building their own sustainable businesses in the process!

You May Have A Few Questions...

Ultimately, it’s up to you. However, we strongly suggest keeping classes between 6 and 15 students.

We recommend charging $197.00 per student. Depending on your market, you can choose any range between $97 and $497 per student.

As with any legitimate business opportunity, there is a fee to obtain your certification. We have strived to price the certification course at a level that can easily be made up teaching just one class. (*Fee may change without notice.)We recommend charging $197.00 per student. Depending on your market, you can choose any range between $97 and $497 per student.

We charge a nominal yearly fee to maintain your licensing, expert support, educator benefits and ongoing updates. After fees, you can easily maintain a profitable business teaching just one small class per month.

As a Certified Kidpreneurs Instructor, we will provide you with the content you need in order to set up your own website. As a limited-time bonus, we’ve also included one year of a done-for-you website courtesy of our partners, Heroic Now. 

You do! This is your business, and you maintain your own customer list. We’ll never reach out directly to your students.

Financial Literacy and Personal Growth & Development certification courses are coming later this year.

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