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After selling over 200,000 copies of our award-winning children's book, we've created a certification program to help any parent, teacher, coach or entrepreneur launch their own education business using our experience and curriculum in just 4 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Click here to message Sylvia, educator success coach, on WhatsApp. If you do not have Whatsapp, you can email her at teach@kidpreneurs.org.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. However, we strongly suggest keeping classes between 6 and 15 students.

We recommend charging $197.00 per student. Depending on your market, you can choose any range between $97 and $497 per student.

As with any legitimate business opportunity, there is a fee to obtain your certification. We have strived to price the certification course at a level that can easily be made up teaching just one class. (*Fee may change without notice.)We recommend charging $197.00 per student. Depending on your market, you can choose any range between $97 and $497 per student.

We charge a nominal yearly fee to maintain your licensing, expert support, educator benefits and ongoing updates. After fees, you can easily maintain a profitable business teaching just one small class per month.

As a Certified Kidpreneurs Instructor, we will provide you with the content you need in order to set up your own website. As a limited-time bonus, we’ve also included one year of a done-for-you website courtesy of our partners, Heroic Now. 

You do! This is your business, and you maintain your own customer list. We’ll never reach out directly to your students.

Financial Literacy and Personal Growth & Development certification courses are coming later this year.

The course is designed for elementary ages 6-12, but since the curriculum itself covers business concepts suitable for ages 13-17, educators can customize their program by using more relevant teaching materials, business samples and videos.

Sample designs with copy and the certification badge are available for your customization to promote your business and programs.

Please do! We highly encourage you to teach in your local language. You can highlight this in your directory profile for families around the world to find you. You are welcome to customize and translate our teaching materials directly in the files we provide. Additional languages will be available in the future. Content

We would love to work with you. Be sure to send an email to teach@kidpreneurs.org with details information on your proposal.

Questions? Email teach@kidpreneurs.org

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